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Al Avir Pvt Ltd. ("AL Avir" or "the Company") is committed to implementing, carrying out and maintaining ethical business practices and procedures. It is with sincerity and conviction that we strive to be a good Corporate Citizen. The Company will comply with existing environmental laws, policies, practices, and procedures in the Countries where it conducts business.

Al Avir is committed to developing its mineral assets through sound exploration practices and trading in order to identify, bring forth and develop a viable project so as to maximize value for all of our investors. The Company not only fully believes in wealth creation for its investors, but also for the potential future wealth of the people and region in the Country that the Company is conducting operations. Al Avir commitment is built on a foundation of adopting, following and conforming to principles of responsibility and integrity.

It is important to the Company to cultivate, sustain and maintain good friendships, relationships and partnerships with the people that reside in the surrounding communities in the areas in which we conduct our corporate operations. It is paramount for Al Avir to respect and honor the local customs and traditions of all people that live in the communities of each region within the Country where we carry out our day to day corporate activities.

It is Al Avir intent to maintain social responsibility values. Our goal is to achieve and maintain corporate ethical, moral and environmental standards at all times.

Our vision

We aspire to become the leader in minerals trading using the following key elements:



We achieve excellence with the help of the Al Avir business system. To achieve competitive advantage we use a combination of factors, which can be presented in two main directions:

Customer satisfaction:

High quality products
High quality services
Positive experience of cooperation

Business processes improvement:

Market foresight
Sustainable business models
Project management
Operating systems improvement
Technology development


Our driving force and primary success factor is our professional and dedicated people, united by a strong corporate culture and shared key company values:

Customer care.

Our company exists due to our customers. We respect and appreciate both our external and internal clients. We study their needs carefully in order to react efficiently when called upon and we develop for them and with them. We achieve this by building new operations, launching new products, improving our technology and service and making our business processes more efficient.

Efficiency and Agility.

“Doing the right thing in the right way” is a key principle that informs our work. We therefore are constantly looking at ways to improve the seven factors of our Al Avir business system. We aspire to achieve the best results by driving timely innovations and leveraging our resources in the best way through rigorous implementation.

Respect to employees.

We aspire to become the employer of choice by providing good working conditions, making fair appraisals of employee performance and providing the potential for self-realization, career development and initiative inside the company.


Through unity, we can achieve more together. Our actions are based on trust, responsibility and decisions which we reach and realize together by using the potential and professionalism of all members of our team. Our shared company vision and goals will lead to lasting success. Safety. Nothing can justify a violation of industrial safety rules and or behavior that neglects our peoples’ health and life. We create and maintain safe working conditions in order to safeguard our team’s health and well being. We aspire to prevent environmental pollution, to promote the efficient use and conservation of energy and natural resources.


Unity is our fundamental principle and a necessary condition to achieve leadership in value creation. Our unity is based on shared goals, values and business standards. Only together we can achieve more.
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